Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit 1.0

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Released: Sep 4, 2011
Updated: Sep 6, 2011 by Bendsoft
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Release Notes

This is the first version of the Camelot Integration Toolkit for Microsoft SharePoint. It provides classes and methods that makes it easier to integrate SharePoint with other applications, platforms and languages, e.g. PHP, Java and Objective-C. It also simplifies SharePoint integration in .NET applications.


This toolkit is based on the Camelot .NET Connector from Bendsoft. It allows you to query SharePoint installations using standard SQL syntax. You can download it from the Bendsoft website at Development licenses are free.

Note: Camelot .NET Connector is not required on the remote machine in order to access and use the Camelot WCF service mentioned below.


CamelotXml is a standardized format that encapsulates the complex structure of SharePoint list data into simple XML format. It is ideal for storing and transferring SharePoint list and document library data. It may contain a schema definition as well as a general list description and can be easily read in any programming language.

The toolkit provides methods for creating and reading CamelotXml files in .NET and a simple WCF service based on CamelotXml that allows querying SharePoint lists, views and document libraries using standard SQL syntax. In short, it provides the following features:
  • Create CamelotXml from specified list and view, e.g. "Tasks", "All Tasks"
  • Create CamelotXml from SQL query, e.g. "SELECT * FROM `Shared Documents` WHERE Created = TODAY() ORDER BY Title DESC"
  • Reading CamelotXml files into DataTable's (or using XmlDocument, XmlReader or similar)
  • Compressing and decompressing CamelotXml files for faster transfer

MySQL dump

Allows you to export SharePoint list and document library data to MySQL. The toolkit creates a MySQL dump file that can be restored using MySQL administrator or the MySQL command line tool. This is very useful when you need to process SharePoint information more freely, such as when doing statistics or reporting.

Document library reading

The toolkit provides methods and classes for reading SharePoint document libraries into a tree structure data representation. You can even databind the results to a ASP.NET TreeView or other hierarchical data-bound control. In combination with the Camelot .NET Connector capabilities to query files and folders, you can easily build a full document management tool in .NET. It also makes it easier to integrate with SharePoint document libraries from other languages or platforms.

Camelot SharePoint Integration Service (WCF service)

This WCF service has two features. First, to host the CamelotWCF service that allows querying SharePoint from other machines and platforms. Second, the ability to execute scheduled exports from SharePoint lists or documents libraries. The toolkit currently provides plugins for exporting CamelotXml, MySQL or CSV files and can easily be extended to support additional formats. The WCF service exposes the following methods:
  • GetListCamelotXml: returns a CamelotXml from specified list and view, e.g. GetListCamelotXml("Tasks", "All Tasks", ..)
  • ExecuteCamelotXml: returns a CamelotXml from a SQL query, e.g. ExecuteCamelotXml("SELECT * FROM `Shared Documents`", ..)
  • ExecuteScalar: executes a query and returns the value of the first column of the first row in the result set
  • ExecuteNonQuery: executes a query without returning anything
  • UploadFile: upload file to a document library
  • DownloadFile: download file from a document library

For examples in PHP see

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