Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit 2.5.0 Beta2

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Released: Mar 17, 2013
Updated: Mar 17, 2013 by Bendsoft
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Release Notes

This is version 2.5.0 Beta2 of the Camelot Integration Toolkit for Microsoft SharePoint. It provides classes and methods that makes it easier to integrate SharePoint with other applications, platforms and languages, e.g. PHP, Java and Objective-C. It also simplifies SharePoint integration in .NET applications.

Please see the associated documentation for usage and examples.

Installation notes

This is a signed release by Bendsoft HB. If you experience any installation or certificate issues please send an email to


Changes in version 2.5.0 Beta2
  • Fixed the version handling in the DownloadFile method in the WCF Service
  • Obsoleted the ExecuteCamelotXmlLimit and ExecuteCount methods in the WCF Service

Changes in version 2.5.0 Beta1
  • Compiled for the latest version of the Camelot .NET Connector (version 3.0).
  • Added UploadAttachment method in the WCF Service
  • Added version parameter to the DownloadFile method in the WCF Service

Changes in version 2.0.5
  • Compiled for the latest version of the Camelot .NET Connector (version 2.0). This new version introduces full support for JOIN and UNION along with some new cool SQL operators such as regular expression comparison. The JOIN syntax allows you to join between any columns in any lists, including both left and inner joins. UNION is used to combine the results from multiple queries into one single result set.

Changes in version 2.0.4
  • Fixed bug in CamelotXml for some special characters in column names, e.g. ':'. The problem can be seen when selecting lookup columns from a second list.
  • Added new method to the Camelot WCF Service named ExecuteCamelotXmlLimit. This methods enables client side paging of lists and document libraries.
  • Added new method to the Camelot WCF Service named ExecuteCount. This method returns an integer value that indicates the number of rows returned by query.

Changes in version 2.0.3

This release was never made official.

Changes in version 2.0.2
  • Added NTLM/Windows authentication support in the Camelot WCF Service! This allows the WCF Service to impersonate the calling user in SharePoint, making it easier to integrate applications through the WCF Service that needs to query data in SharePoint that is unique or depends on the user. Impersonation ensures that the calling user cannot access lists or document libraries without given permission. Some common integration scenarios are working with user based document libraries, task lists and calendars. External applications and websites that runs under the same authentication as SharePoint can easily access data from SharePoint based on the logged in user, or you can implement custom authentication mechanisms in external applications connected to SharePoint.

Changes in version 2.0.1
  • Added new library called Camelot.SharePointIntegration.Client.dll. This library now contains the ListData, DocumentLibraryData and CamelotXml classes and provides general methods for reading and writing CamelotXml files. This library has no dependencies, thus can be used to read CamelotXml and integrate with the Camelot WCF service also where Camelot .NET Connector is not installed.
  • Removed ListData, DocumentLibraryData and CamelotXml classes from library Camelot.SharePointIntegration.dll.
  • Added ListDataUtility and DocumentLibraryDataUtility classes to Camelot.SharePointIntegration.dll providing methods for selecting SharePoint data into ListData and DocumentLibraryData objects. This replaces some functionality that was previously implemented under the ListData and DocumentLibraryData classes.
  • Moved MD5, DeflateCompress and DeflateDecompress methods from the Utilities class to the Extensions class under Camelot.SharePointIntegration.Client namespace.
  • Fixed bug in ReadXml method that caused incorrect column names.
  • Added new method for exporting document libraries to ListData, see included example class ExportDocumentLibraryAsCamelotXml.

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